Water travels through miles of pipes before reaching your home and chlorine is commonly used to kill bacteria along the way.  Despite best efforts to ensure safe water, there are still so many boil water advisories everyday!


What to expect from your reverse osmosis water filtration system:

•  perfect water for drinking, cooking, juice, coffee, tea, ice cubes, pets, plants...

• more convenient and affordable than bottled water



  • Supply of 1 – Aqua-Flo Watergroup reverse osmosis filtration system
  • Labour to install
  • Miscellaneous materials required for installation

$1,100.00 (+GST)

It is recommended to replace the filters annually.

• Pura five micron sediment filter:  $32.75 (+ GST)

• Pura carbon block filter:  $40.25 (+ GST)

• Pura reverse osmosis membrane filter:  $126.00 (+ GST)